Solo Traffic

If you need ‘High Quality Traffic’, you have arrived at the right place. If you are promoting any type of business opportunity,make money online, work from home program or similar, my traffic is a perfect fit for you. My traffic serves hundreds of customers globally. If you need the best ‘Tier One’ Traffic this is for you


You Track Your Traffic

You can rest assured that I will only send you High Quality Traffic. I will provide you with a Tracking URL which will allow you to not only track your clicks but will give you the Geographical Location and Conversions. This way you will know that you are only getting the Highest Quality Traffic that I have promised you.

I Will Not Burn Out My List

I look forward to my returning customers who are a testament as to the High Quality of my Traffic packages.

Unlike other sellers I will not eMail my List more than twice a day and I never send out a repeat offer more than once every 3 days. I want to look after both, You the Customers and my List.

A lot of my Customers become repeat Customers as they realise that I never ‘Over eMail’ my List, which ensures a steady flow of traffic that converts. You will also find that you will always get similar results from the traffic that I drive to your offers.

They always come back for more because I never over-mail my list at any given time.

If you have purchased solo ad traffic from other vendors you will probably notice that the quality/conversion rate of the traffic is not that good as they ‘Burn’ their lists to death by ‘Over Mailing’ them daily.

I treat my list with the utmost respect and know exactly how to treat and nurture it so that my list will stay responsive for ever. You can rest assured that you will always have a steady stream of ‘High Quality’ converting traffic. Traffic that converts the first time, every time. Guaranteed!

Tier 1 Traffic

Tier 1 traffic comes from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Sweden and a few others. These are the countries that have the buying power and are more likely to spend money with you. I always do my best to only add Tier 1 traffic to my list. That is why I am confident when I state that 90% of my traffic comes from Tier 1 countries. It is impossible to 100% block where traffic is coming from but, I can assure you that you will get the best traffic ‘Dollar for Dollar’ from me.

So rest assured that the traffic that I will deliver will always be 90% + from Tier 1 countries and not from other ‘None-English’ speaking countries.

Leads Are Generated From Top Quality Sources

All of the traffic that I send to you is sourced from high quality Desktop traffic through search engine traffic, social media traffic and PPC traffic.

I do not use low quality traffic sources which include mobile traffic as it has been proven to have a low conversion rate.

That is why I know that my traffic will convert at a higher rate than other vendors.

Real Humans Not Robots

Some vendors will send you ‘Bots’ instead of Real Human Traffic. With my traffic, you are 100% guaranteed to receive nothing but high quality, targeted, real human clicks from tier 1 countries.

And I also always guarantee an over delivery of clicks


That is my 100% guarantee to you.

 Mark Gossage