FB ComAzon Review ~ The Facebook Cash Machine

FB ComAzon Review ~ The Facebook Cash Machine

FB ComAzon Review

FB ComAzon will turn everything on its head and make it a breeze to promote your products and boost your sales on Facebook. You may have tried advertising on Facebook before and got more than your fingers burnt but with this new product FB ComAzon you will not only get vastly improved results you will see a fantastic return and profits that you have probably only ever dreamt of.


This really is an excellent product that will not only improve your profits but will also find that it is a lot faster and easier once you know how

FB ComAzon Review ~ Overview

  • PRODUCT:  FB ComAzon
  • VENDOR:  Mike McKay
  • LAUNCH DATE:   21-03-2018
  • LAUNCH TIME:   10.00 EDT
  • SKILL:   All Levels
  • PRICE ~ FRONT END:   $19.00
  • NICHE:   Software
  • RECOMMEND:   Recommended
  • GUARANTEE:   30 Days money Back
  • Product Home Page: https://FB ComAzon

What Is FB ComAzon?

FB ComAzon is a WordPress Plugin that has been designed to find the best selling products on Amazon in any niche. You can use the plugin in manual mode or schedule it so that it will look for these products on auto pilot. The plugin/software can then post them to Facebook Pages in the form of  ‘Promotional Posts’!

About the Author ~ Mike McKay

I must admit that although I had heard the name mentioned before I didn’t realise that he had so much experience in this field and had successfuly launched several products previously. They are Affiliecom Engine, Azon Affiliate boating Cash Riches, Azon Review Pro Pugin, Azon Essential Eco Living, and Azon Affiliate Baby Equipment, to name a few! His products are aimed mainly at affiliate marketing and Amazon.

Features of FB ComAzon

FB ComAzon will get the best-selling and in high-demand products from both Amazon and Aliexpress. It has been developed with many advanced features that will grow your business at a higher level.

Unique Features

Deliver best-selling niche-related Amazon products
Deliver niche-related AliExpress products
WooCommerce Integrated to saving you hundreds of dollars and time every month
Schedule your posts for hand-free passive income
A 90 Day cookie
Add your custom CTA

Easy To Use

The software is newbie friendly and can be used with no techie skills needed. It can be used easily and efficiently with no experience needed. Simply upload the plugin, follow a few easy directions and you are ready to go.

Step By Step

Step 1: Install and activate the plugin on your site
Step 2: Select your product and synchronise to your page
Step 3: Schedule, post and then profit

It really is as easy as it gets.

Any affiliate marketer worth his salt needs this plugin. It will quickly locate high demand products to promote and list them on Facebook so that you will get a lot of sales and commissions almost instantly.

This software is a must have for every online marketer out there.

  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • It is so easy and simple to use
  • No technical skills needed
  • No experience
  • Reasonably priced
  • Works anytime you want 24/7


FB ComAmazon comes packed with so many features;

FB ComAzon: $17 for single-option and $19 for multi-option
FB ComAzon Pro: $27
FB ComAzon DEV: $27 ~ $37
FB ComAzon Agency: $47
FB ComAzon WP Training: $17

Please make sure that you understand fully what each package offers and that you purchase the one that fits you best.


This really is easy money so if you want to turn your Facebook pages into a,’Cash Machine’, you need to act fast as it is priced at a low introductory price that is set to go higher.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review







 Mainstream Magnificence

The Review ~ Captivating Your Viewers Attention


Mainstream Magnificence Introduction

Mainstream Magnificence will captivate your audience with its alluring self drawing images. Video now takes a leading role in marketing strategies increasing people’ engagement.


Nowadays every marketer realises the importance of using videos in their marketing strategies. Videos have moved forward from the days when anything moving would do to full blown professional videos, comparable to those of a film studio!

Mainstream Magnificence gives you a groundbreaking collection of unique self-drawing animation images that will turn you into a  video creator professional able to create a combination of the whiteboard and traditional animation styles in an incredible way increasing viewer engagement.

This is a must have if you want your Videos to stand out from the crowd…

Mainstream Magnificence Review ~ Overview

  • PRODUCT:  Mainstream Magnificence
  • VENDOR:  Disruptive Design
  • LAUNCH DATE:   20-03-2018
  • LAUNCH TIME:   10.00 EDT
  • SKILL:   All Levels
  • PRICE ~ FRONT END:   $17.00
  • NICHE:   Video
  • RECOMMEND:   Recommended
  • GUARANTEE:   30 Days
  • Product Home Page: https://mainstreammagnificence

This brand new collection of stunning “self-drawing” animated assets will allow you to  easily create a hybrid combination of the whiteboard and traditional animation styles in an innovative way.

These type of videos are proven to improve your viewer engagement and keep their attention right from the beginning to the end of your videos.

Feature Details

Mainstream Magnificence gives you a plethora of images that have an amazing and unique self-drawing animation style, not needing any whiteboard software since these drawing animations are built directly into the files. Simply add the drawing animation and the characters will actually move.

This is another groundbreaking action that no whiteboard image out there can do.

All of the images in this collection include both animated and static files which allows you maximum flexibility and definitely more usage possibilities. You get all of  the “self-drawing” animations that will work in any project or type of business.

Images Include

  • Self-Drawing Cats And Dogs (Large And Small)
  • Self-Drawing People In Mainstream Professions Along With Self-Drawing Backgrounds
  • Self-Drawing Man And Woman Using Technology Even A Woman With A Virtual Reality Headset
  • Self-Drawing Men, Women, Boys And Girls With Disabilities
  • Self-Drawing Professionals/Speakers And Their Backgrounds
  • Self-Drawing Children In Many Poses
  • Self-Drawing Young Hip Professionals With 11 Versatile Poses That Allow You To Cover The Entire Spectrum Of Emotions And Tell Any Story
  • Groups Of People Can Be Used In Your Videos And Projects In Order To Represent Universal Situations, Reactions, Solutions, Satisfied Customers And More


How Does All Work?

Step 1. Add Mainstream Magnificence’s Images

Easily insert them instantly wherever you want them to show up, as easy as that Voila

Step 2. Select Optional Text and/or Sound

This feature allows you to easily add text and/or sound allowing you to create stunning, high-quality videos that are complete and ready to captivate your viewers.


Who Should Use It?

If you are a video marketer or someone that wants to use video in their marketing, this product will allow you to create outstanding, professional-looking local business videos, video ads and print materials.

Simply create scenes with multiple professions in your videos, that represent the professionals in your neighborhood without having to spend too much time and effort!

  • Easy to follow
  • No whiteboard software required
  • Newbie-friendly
  • No high technical experience needed
  • Create professional looking animations

Front-End $17-$27

OTO 1 Mainstream Magnificence Black Label – $27-$37

OTO 2 Mainstream Magnificence DFY Service – $47

OTO 3 Mainstream Magnificence 100 – $97



This product will catapult video marketers to the ‘Next Level’. An absolute plethora of images are included. Spruce up your videos, advertisements, print materials, in fact anywhere you can place an image!

My advice is grab it now at an amazing, ‘Early Bird Price’ of only $17



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SenseDrill Review ~ Instant Adsense Money Maker

SenseDrill Review ~ Instant Profits From Google Adsense

SenseDrill Review



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Affiliate Victory Review ~ The Winning Affiliate Strategy

Affiliate Victory Review ~ The Winning Strategy For Newbies

Affiliate Victory Review





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Affiliate Psycho ~ Reviewed ~ Big Commission Dollars

Affiliate Psycho Review – Introduction

Affiliate Psycho is a product designed to end the ‘Affiliate Madness’. So many, ‘Wanna Be’ Internet Marketers turn to affiliate marketing to make the so called ‘Easy Bucks’. They try many approaches and burn the midnight oil, only to fail.


This course has been designed by Six Figure marketers to help people to earn the big commissions fast. This product is packed with features and will help you to succeed at affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Psycho Review

Affiliate Psycho Review Overview

  • PRODUCT:   Affiliate Psycho
  • VENDOR: Declan Mc
  • LAUNCH DATE:   16-03-2018
  • LAUNCH TIME:   11.00 EST
  • SKILL:   All Levels
  • PRICE – FRONT END:   $10.00
  • PRODUCT TYPE:   Video Tutorials
  • NICHE:   Affiliate Marketing
  • RECOMMEND:   Highly Recommended
  • GUARANTEE:   60 Days
  • PRODUCT HOME PAGE:  http://imwithlee.com/apsy/

The two affiliate marketers that have created Affiliate Psycho have received praises from their customers and have built a massive loyal fanbase along the way. They have had several successful launches including, VidEngagr, Free Traffic Frenzy, Constant Profit Factory to name a few. All high quality products.About the Author

Affiliate Psycho Review – What Is Affiliate Psycho?

Affiliate Psycho will definitely show you how to make bigger commissions by concentrating on helping YOU to earn money as quickly as possible. This will ensure that you are up and running quickly, earning commissions and finding that you have more confidence in yourself.

Unlike so many courses that have you running around and jumping through a never ending array of hoops Affiliate Psycho is different. This course concentrates on one approach, keeping it easy to follow and allowing you to start making affiliate profits almost immediately. All you need to do is add action.

It is great to review a course that goes head on and shows you straight away how you should be making affiliate commissions. All you need to do is to concentrate on how to make money and commissions as fast as possible, unlike other courses that lead you a merry dance and leave you stranded.

The course keeps you moving in one direction and ensures that you only promote offers that will be favoured by your customers. You will be shown exactly how to create your own system that that will bring your products and your buyers together.

You will soon be able to apply a tested and reliable method to get email leads and build email lists that are populated with people that are highly interested in your products and are eager to buy.

 The Course

The course consists of 18 HD videos that are crammed full of necessary content that is laid out so that even newbies will be able to fully understand and implement what is being taught.

Everybody realises that giving bonuses away increases conversions and this course will show you how to create irresistible bonuses efficiently, ensuring that you stay ahead of the competition.

You will soon be able to create stunning, captivating squeeze pages that will capture your visitors attention, thus increasing leads and sales. With Affiliate Psycho, you can set up a stunning squeeze page in a few minutes, and create several squeeze  pages with only one welcome email!


How Easy Is It To Learn?

It’s your course and you can start learning anytime;

  • Step 1: Watch the training videos and read other materials
  • Step 2: Learn how to build massive lists, stunning squeeze and review pages, etc
  • Step 3: Apply the system immediately and start making those affiliate commissions

Front-end version: The complete training course for $9.95

OTO1: including Breakfast Embed Mega Pack and Email Slick Mega Pack for $67

OTO1 Down sale:  Breakfast Embed Plus Spin for $47

OTO2: Full-license advanced article spinners for original reviews for $97

OTO2 Down sale: Monthly advanced article spinner for $9.95 per month

Affiliate Psycho Review – Pros and Cons


  • Easy approach to teaching
  • A truly passive income generator
  • Product and customer oriented
  • Create stunning, captivating squeeze pages in minutes
  • Newbie-friendly
  • Super quick results, in under 5 days
  • Quality instruction videos
  • Easily scalable to earn more commissions
  • A massive 60 day money back guarantee


  • Not many documents for learning


This is a course that has been simplified by keeping you moving in one direction and you can start earning commissions as soon as tomorrow! It is well structured, easy to understand and apply. It really has been made to be as easy as possible.

If you want to start making easy affiliate commissions, you need to grab this now!



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Shopabot Review ~ The Amazon Super Store Builder Promising Profits

Shopabot Review – Amazon Store Builder Promising Profits

Shopabot Review

Shopabot Review Overview

  • PRODUCT:   Shopabot
  • VENDOR:  Cindy Donovan
  • LAUNCH DATE:   15-03-2018
  • LAUNCH TIME:   11.00 EST
  • SKILL:   All Levels
  • PRICE – FRONT END:   $37.00
  • PRODUCT TYPE:   Software
  • NICHE:   Amazon Affiliate
  • RECOMMEND:   Highly Recommended
  • GUARANTEE:   30 Days
  • Product Home Page: https://shopabot.com

What is Shopabot?

The Shopabot tool makes publishing a high quality profitable Amazon affiliate store a breeze. A few clicks and ‘Hey Presto’ you are in business. Shopabot is the world’s only automated viral Amazon store builder guaranteeing profits.

It is a complete, ‘Super Amazon Affilate Tool’ and leaves nothing to chance.

Key Features and Benefits

Cloud-based – Free Hosting

Shopabot is cloud based, allowing you to access it from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. No need to download cumbersome software and none-stop updates.

You get free hosting and all Shopabot stores are given Shopabot domains. Everything is made simple.

Ideal for newbies and ‘None Techies’ alike.

Premade Themes

Shopabot comes complete with its own fully comprehensive library of templates. This makes it easy to open a fully fledged Amazon affiliate store in seconds. It’s as easy as picking your template and you are up and running with a few clicks of your mouse. Up, Open and Taking Profits.

Viral Product Search Engine

This Shopabot in-built product search engine continuously conducts research on viral-capable products as well as provide analysis of existing products in the marketplace. This information gives you all of the information that you need so that you know whether to promote the product or even remove a product from your list.

This feature gives you an in depth insight as to what is happening in the marketplace in real-time.

You really are in the driving seat with this product.


How Does Shopabot Work?

STEP 1:        Simply add your Amazon details to the software and select your theme.

STEP 2:        Import EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT for sale on Amazon

STEP 3:        Utilise the Shopabot Viral Products Search Engine

STEP 4:        Instantly create your viral landing pages

STEP 5:        Your store is ‘Good to Go’

Who Is Shopabot for?

Anybody that wants to achieve success in eCommerce should take advantage of Shopabot. It is easy to use and is ideal for Newbies and None Techies.

Shopabot eliminates the need for marketing skills as the program is built so as to show you exactly which products you should be concentrating on.


The Pros and Cons of Shopabot


  • Cloud-based
  • Minimal manual work needed
  • Support importing Amazon products
  • Very reasonabley priced
  • Money-Back Guaranteed


  • Will only work with Amazon at present.


Front-End Shopabot – $17.97-$37

OTO 1  Shopabot Pro – $197 One Time Payment or $97/Year or $19.97/Month

ShopABot Pro – Adds 8 pro features to their membership:

  • Autoresponder/Lead Capture Integration
  • Unlimited Giveaway Campaigns
  • Add Advertising Code (Banners/Adsense etc)
  • Advanced Customisation, Sub-Menu’s/Categories
  • Hundreds of Pre-Made Store & Giveaway Templates
  • Addition Of Their Own Custom SEO Optimized Blog
  • InBuilt Drag & Drop Web Page Builder With Your Blog
  • Multi-Region Amazon Stores Complete With Auto Geo Targeting

OTO 2 Covert Commissions – $9.97/Month – $27/Month – $97/Year

This is a one click solution to ‘Fully managed email marketing’ that is smoothly integrated with the ShopABot platform

You can automatically add your new subscribers to your fully hosted and 100% managed email autoresponder lists. Simply put in their affiliate ID’s and  Shopabot takes care of the rest, sending your affiliate links in every promotion ensuring that you receive fully automated affiliate commissions.

OTO 3 Shopabot Agency – $67-$97

You can create your Pro Amazon shops and then flip them for profit. You will be shown exactly how you can easily turn these profit pumping viral stores into even higher income streams.


This product is unbeatable.

If you want to create highly profitable Amazon affiliate stores almost at the click of a button this is definitely for you.

It runs on Autopilot and allows you to promote Amazon affiliate products easily and effectively. Not forgetting that Shopabot will also carry out independent researches on viral products and give you all of the data so that success becomes inevitable.




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Local Funnel Builder Review ~ Effortless Pro Funnel Builder

Local Funnel Builder Reviewed


Local Funnel Builder will build you fantastic professional funnels that are tailored to suit local businesses in several niches. Thousands of Local Businesses are screaming for high quality funnels like these. Funnels that will take their business to the ext level.  Local Businesses want slick, unique lead-generating funnels and will pay YOU Big Bucks for them!

It will be so easy to build high quality funnels with the Local Funnel Builder software.

Previously designing and creating a fully fledged quality funnel wasn’t so easy unless you had years of experience. Introducing Local Funnel Builder now you can permanently bid farewell to these problems for ever!

Local Funnel Builder


Local Funnel Builder Review Overview

  • PRODUCT:   Local Funnel Builder
  • VENDOR: David Cisneros
  • LAUNCH DATE:   14-03-2018
  • LAUNCH TIME:   09.00 EST
  • SKILL:   All Levels
  • PRICE – FRONT END:   $17.00
  • PRODUCT TYPE: Software
  • NICHE:   Local Business
  • RECOMMEND:   Highly Recommended
  • GUARANTEE:   30 Days
  • Product Home Page:   http://digitalproductslab.com/local-funnel-builder/


What is Local Funnel Builder?

Local Funnel Builder is a brand new, one-of-a-kind web-based tool that lets you create professional lead-generating funnels easily. The package contains everything that you need to build High Quality, High Converting Lead Funnels like a Pro. Simply add a few details of your local business and you are ready to go. What could be simpler?

A true Done For You funnel. Simply Fill In The Blanks!

Five trendy niches are covered allowing you to target a plethora of Local businesses/customers. The software will set up your pages using ready made templates at warp speed and will also also set up the download pages as well. What could be easier.

David Cisneros

David Cisneros is a renowned vendor who is an expert in monetizing the Internet. A large number of his creations have received 4-star rates. Some of them; such as Mobile Marketing Easy System and Offline Marketing Firesale, have gained 5-star ratings from happy customers.

Local Funnel Builder is positioned to have a fantastic future and anyone that wants to take action with this product will also be positioned to help local businesses and prosper from it in a big way.

Front End – Local Funnel Builder: $17 – $27

Online Browser Based Software that build really nice lead pages that have a ton of functionality, building quick Lead Give-Away Funnels for Local Businesses. Comes complete with 5 niche packs.


Upsell #1 – An Additional Lead Page – $17 – $27

The first Upsell is an additional lead page which also includes VIDEO. You can add a video to your lead pages for more engagement. Also included with this upsell is an amazing 35 more offline niche packs for very hot local niches!

Upsell #2 – Offline Pro Gold Training –$37 – $47

The training digs deep into email marketing, direct mail marketing, mobile marketing and much more in this complete offline marketing training.

Unfortunately, this exclusive offer comes to a halt once the Front-End is over! So Be Quick…


Soon Local business owners will be contacting you. Local funnel Builder will be your perfect assistant. You will be able to provide your clients with several stunning, high-converting lead-generating funnels, that will have your clients falling head over heels for which can only put more money in your pocket. If you want to be able to supply businesses with what they want this package is definitely for you.

It is priced at a super low introductory price and will not stay this cheap for long so make sure to check out this awesome package right now!


I do hope that this review has helped you to decide whether this product is for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my report



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Low Hanging System Review

Low Hanging System Reviewed

A Six Figure Business In Under A Week


Low Hanging System is all about making money online with e-commerce. This system will give you everything that you need to keep up with market trends and to succeed online

This is a TWO in One product that not only contains a fully comprehensive training course it also places everything on AUTOPILOT! These methods will not only save you time, you could easily be up running and making a ‘Six Figure Profit in Under Seven Days’.

So if you would like to make e-commerce your business this creative solution is the answer.

Your Financial Independence on AutoPilot…

Continue reading