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Hi I’m Mark Gossage and if you want to know more about me you have come to the right place!

 It was way back in 1995 when I purchased my first PC. It cost me over a thousand pounds and with a little over a week I decided to strip it down and find out more about these PC’s. What they consisted of and why.

I soon found out that it was a little harder than I realised to put all of the pieces together and get it working again! It took me almost a week to find out that you needed a bootable floppy disc to tell the PC that it had a CD and where it was.

Then I had to get the operating system to work!!! It was Windows 95 and in those days you had to load the drivers for the hardware manually and tweak them, port numbers, interrupt requests etc. Nowadays everything has become more automated and simplified.

It was a year or two before I ventured on to the Internet as I felt that it wasn’t for me. How wrong I was! It wasn’t long before I found eBay and realised that making money online was easy.

I started selling eBooks and my business was growing daily. Admittedly there was a lot to running the business. Listing new ads and then fulfilling all of the sales daily. It took a lot of my time up but, I loved it.

I even managed to get my eBooks eMailed out on Auto-Pilot using Microsoft Outlook. My sales were all taken care of automatically. Nothing could go wrong…


BANG! eBay decided to ban these digital products that could be emailed and my business came to a massive halt overnight. My eBooks would have to be burnt to CD so that they would become a tangible product and would be allowed to be listed and sold on eBay.

I was still doing OK but, no where as near as good as when the business was automated.

Eventually I stopped listing these eBooks on CD as the business came to an almost halt.

I still sell a few C/D’s but even that has now slowed down to an almost halt.

For a few years I tried many things and looked to the Guru’s to help me to start making money online again. I purchased many ‘Promises’. Products that I now call, ‘Fools Gold’.

The Guru’s knew no more than I did! In fact most of them knew a lot less but, unlike me they were taking ACTION. It took a little while before that SUNK IN..

The Difference Was

They were taking ACTION!!!

Now if you have managed to read this far, I hope that you realise that if you want to succeed in business on or off-line you have to be ready to do a few things first as well as take action, MASSIVE ACTION!!!

  1. Take notice of what other successful people in your niche are doing
  2. Do not copy them but, model yourself around their successful business model, doing it your way ‘ish
  3. Take the plunge and be ready to work hard overcoming obstacles that will be thrown in your path on a Daily Basis.
  4. Look at all these challenges positively as a way of learning new things and pushing forever forward and  not as a negative thing that is holding you back…

What do I want you to do now?

I hope that wherever you are in your life you will start to take charge of your life. Aim to be as healthy as you can be. A little exercise, don’t overdo it.

Be happy,

And lastly get your business up and running and start to be more wealthy!

That is what I wish for you

To be Healthy, Happy and Wealthy

Please feel free to leave any positive comments

To your success!

Mark Gossage

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I am looking forward to hearing from you

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