So many people are curious about Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is reportedly the, ‘Money of the Future’!

Due to this curiousity, I felt that I needed to create a few posts explaining exactly what this ‘Money of the Future’ is all about. Over the coming weeks I will try to post enough content to ensure that those of you reading my posts, pages and updates will soon get to know more about Cryptocurrency than most other people out there.

I will be covering topics such as;

  1. What is Cryptocurrency
  2. How exactly does Cryptocurrency work
  3. What determines the Value of Cryptocurrencies
  4. What can we use this new Cryptocurrency for

Up until recently everything looked great and more and more people started investing in ‘Crypto’. Bitcoin the leading Cryptocurrency jumped from around $1,000 to nearly $20,000 over the 12 months of 2017.

What a lot of people failed to see was that many governments would either ban or impose strict legislation’s on this new currency as they are worried of the new scams that this currency brings with it. I also believe that governments do not like losing control of various currencies and of course so many people have become millionaires in such a short time.

The balance of power was truly shifting at an ever increasing rate. Something had to be done. So new regulations have been imposed and certain sites such as Facebook have recently banned the advertising of Cryptocurrencies due to the many scams.

What does the future of Cryptocurrencies hold for us now?

As of 03/02/2018 Bitcoin, the market leader is trading at around $9,200. A far cry from the high of $20,000 only a short while ago.

Mark Gossage