YouTube First Page Ranking Secrets

YouTube is a huge source of untapped traffic. Many Internet marketers spend an endless amount of both money and time trying to profit frome Facebook and Google.

This leaves YouTube untapped! Yet it is the second biggest Search Engine on the Internet.

Stay with me as I uncover the real ‘Algorithms’ that YouTube uses to pick winning videos.

By the end of this post you will be armed with 100% actionable strategies that you can and should use straight away.

The most important thing that you need to fully understand is that YouTube wants to be able to show their viewers the best of the best videos at any given time.

Many marketers make the mistake of thinking that ranking a video on YouTube is the same as ranking a blog post on Google.

Whilst Backlinks play a part in page rankings etc

YouTube is entirely different!

In fact YouTube measures how viewers interact with your video.

YouTube’s number one ranking signal is ‘Total Watch Time’.

Total Watch Time, is the total time that people have viewed your video over its entire lifetime,

Retention is also a major factor. YouTube takes note of the percentage of your video that your viewers watch.

The higher your viewer retention rate the better. 

YouTube uses this metric as it is an accurate indicator  of the quality of your video.

If your video isn’t good enough, viewers aren’t going to be watching for long.

YouTube uses these metrics as if they were viewers votes.

Both viewer retention and viewer watch time are hard to fiddle. Using black hat methods such as bots etc would soon lead to you getting banned.

It makes sense that YouTube wants people to spend more time on YouTube as this means that they will make more money on their advertising.

This is the main reason that YouTube promotes videos that will keep people on YouTube longer.

So, create videos that people want to watch as YouTube will love them and promote them for you!

Of course, ‘Engagement Signals’ are also important to YouTube as this shows them that people are actively engaging with your videos.

They watch how many people Like, Comment, Share, Subscribe and add your video to a playlist.

These ‘Engagement Signals’, let YouTube know if your video is keeping their viewers engaged on their platform.

Make sure that you get all of these factors right before you start adding keyword rich titles, tags, descriptions etc. 

Over the next few days I will add another post explaining the best ways to optimise your titles, tags, descriptions etc. 

Hope this Post has helped you



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